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Mayor of Sweatertown
I'm Kimi, and I love dolls and cartoon monsters. Aggressively dwarfish Hufflepuff.
I became a Frozen fan blog suddenly. Sidebar image by mageclass. Monster High, Ever After High, Disney. J-fashion, silly personal posts, drag queens, writing, queer activism, mental health activism, and other such things.

i get so physically sick and sad at night

i’m attention-starved and lonely

and i wish more people acknowledged me when I’m working so hard to have everything together

i’m leaving school soon and i feel like people aren’t even gonna remember me after a week or so

Artist: Bastille
Track: "Pompeii (Gender Pitched)"
I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect.
—(via foreverrwanderlust)

why do scary things pop up as I’m sad and about to go to bed

hitmonchan…… hitmonlee
Jackie chan…… Bruce lee…………
holy fucking hell it took me seventeen years

Etiquette for Shopping Monster High dolls in stores OR don’t be a jerk


I work in toys. I have 8 glorious feet of shelves that is 72 inches high of just Monster High dolls. You know what ruins this for me? The way teen and adult collectors rudely muck up my shelves.

Look. I know these things come in assortments (in fact, I probably know more about how that works than you do). I know the boxes are oddly shaped. I know you often have to move one or two or five dolls to see if the doll you’re looking for is behind the other umpteen dolls. But you don’t have to leave it like that, and you really, really shouldn’t. You know better than that. Granted, my job is largely keeping these monster messes managed… but when you have adult(ish) collectors making bigger messes than 8-year-old girls who run up to the shelf excitedly looking for Scaremester Catrine? Then you are the problem.

If you have to look behind a doll, put the first doll back in its place. If you pick up a doll and six feet down the aisle decide you aren’t making the purchase, walk back and put it where you got it. If you have to remove every doll in a facing, put the dolls back where you found them. These are not hard things to do, and it’s in everyone’s best interest if we all act like we weren’t brought up in a barn.